easywash Self Service Laundry

easywash Self Service Laundry

The 62 easywash Self Service Laundry stores are located throughout Greece and at the moment are the most dynamically growing chain in the field of professional washing machines and dryers for public use. All stores are equipped with professional washing machines and dryers with coins of the American companies Maytag Commercial and Dexter Laundry.

The easywash Self Service Laundry stores guarantee fast, economical and efficient laundry throughout Greece. All stores are open daily from 7 am to 12 pm, 365 days a year and operate with coins, without staff. The great advantage of professional washing machines and dryers is that the laundry can be washed in less than half an hour as they use ready-made hot water and dry in 20-40 minutes depending on the amount and the material of the fabric.

You can wash large quantities of laundry, as well as wash or dry several laundries at once. Professional dryers provide excellent results and the clothes do not need ironing! In 1 hour you will have clean and dry clothes ready for your closet. You can wash from 3€ and dry from 2€. There are also available giant washers and dryers where you can wash duvets and blankets. In every easywash Self Service Laundry store there is an automatic seller of detergent and a machine for changing banknotes into coins.

New stores all over Greece

Advantages of easywash Self Service Laundry


Wash and dry your clothes, quilts, blankets in less than 1 hour.
In 30 minutes you can have your clothes clean!
In 20 - 40 minutes you can have your clothes dry and fragrant!
You can wash and dry many laundries at once.

Economy & Security

Wash from 3€ and dry from 2€.
Your clothes do not need ironing.
Free Wifi.
Special cleaning program of the machine according to factory settings.

Comfort & Reliability

Detergent vending machine.
Banknote converter.
Open from 7am until 12 pm every day!
American professional washing machines and dryers.

franchise easywash Self Service Laundry

ACTIVE COMMERCIAL SYSTEMS Ltd., can help you start your own independent business easywash Self Service Laundry. A business without franchise fees and royalties, but with excellent return on your investment.

Our company is the exclusive representative of the largest companies producing professional washing machines and dryers Maytag Commercial & Dexter Laundry. Our experience and our technical staff will help you set up the store efficiently.

Address: 7Α Pentelis Avenue, 152 35, Vrilissia - e-mail: info@easywash.gr – Telephone: 210 684 9600